Sid Cup

Sid with the cup

How awesome is that painting?  Seriously!?

It’s not even the best one available in my opinion.

The painting was done by an artist named Stephen S. (@tpbStephen) and I found his work through The Pens Blog, a great and usually irreverent blog about the Pittsburgh Penguins.  If you’re a pens fans and not reading it, you should be ashamed of yourself because it’s the go to for entertaining penguins news.

I’ve been following Stephens section of the blog for quite a while, drooling over his work, and waiting for my basement to get done (started) so I can hang up one of the beauties.  That was until I came across the beautiful 8 panel collage he displayed the other day. That alone may have ratcheted up my desire exponentially.

I recommend reading through the whole design process for the paintings and dare you not to want to commission him to make something for you.

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