Reflection magic

I’ve often read that if you want to improve as a writer/blogger you should make at least one post a day.  The same holds true for photography.  Try to take at least 2 or 3 pictures a day.

This is the start of that for me.  I’m going to TRY hard to post one thing a day.  Whether it be sharing and commenting something I came across in my news feed, or a photo I’ve taken, or maybe something a little more in depth.  But from here on out I will try to have at least one post a day.

My only question now is, does this count as my one thing for today?

Just in case it doesn’t let me explain the photo on the left.

I took this photo yesterday before the Charlotte Checkers hockey game from the parking deck on 5th street.  I found it kind of neat that the reflection you see in the glass is not actually the building you are looking at.  It may be a little tough to tell but once you look at the pictures below it may become a little more apparent.

Obviously it’s not an award winning picture, and the illusion I was trying to illustrate isn’t all that apparent since I had to point it out, but I thought it was interesting none the less.

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