It’s official.  My brain will never shut off.  Even in an extremely relaxed state while getting a massage my brain was churning out random thoughts.  I just couldn’t stop it.  The more I tried to make it stop, the more randomness it would invent.  It’s kind of frustrating, but yet kind of fun and funny.  Here are some of the thoughts I can remember from my hour long rub down.

  • If you truly want me to relax stop referring to me as “Mr. Putt.”  That just weirds me out.
  • Do they have the softest skin in the world at the end of the day or do they just always feel greasy and oily?
  • What questions do masseuses get asked during an interview?  What differentiates the very best from the normal everyday masseuse?
  • Do I normally drool this much?
  • What would have happened if I whispered “just touch it.”  Guessing it would not have gone over too well.
  • Is being a masseuse a stressful job?  If so how do they relax?
  • Do they get sick of the Yanni music and sound of whales.  I picture them leaving work, getting in their car, and immediately turning on some heavy metal
  • What would she do if I started moaning?
  • What strange/gross stuff has this person seen?
  • When a masseuse has a significant other rub their back do they cringe at the technique?  Is it like me watching a person click “edit -> copy”  then “edit->paste” from the menus versus using the shortcut keys
  • If you’re dating a masseuse is it ever appropriate to ask for a massage, or even a back rub?  Would that be like someone asking me “make me a website” or requesting a java application be written?
  • Why am I still drooling?
  • Am I actually relaxed or over thinking everything and not allowing my self to relax.  Why can’t I turn off my brain?  Stop thinking brain.  Stop thinking.  Stop thinking.  Stop thinking.
  • I’m going to blog all of these things later on

I think that is most of the thoughts i conjured up during my one hour of relaxation.  (excluding anything from work that popped into my head) Is it normal to just spin the wheel of randomness in your brain during a massage?