The Charlotte Checkers are having a contest to name fan of the year. The prizes are awesome and I would love to win. All I have to do is write an essay of 200 words or less answering the question: “If you were talking to someone that had never been to a Checkers game before, what would you tell them to get them to join you?” After blogging a few of my ideas I submitted one,  This is my follow up.

It’s been a week or so since I submitted my essay for why I should be named the Charlotte Checkers fan of the year.  In that time not much has happened.  That is until the Friday nights game against Springfield where at the end of the second intermission they flashed the following graphic.  (Sorry for the quality but I had to rush)

Yes sir!!  That’s my name listed first.  Not sure if that is some ranking / seeding system.  It isn’t alphabetical by first or last name. It’s not sorted by length it doesn’t appear.  So at this point I’m going to say that I’m the number one seed in the fan of the year contest.

I was extremely excited when a buddy looked up and saw this.  After all I didn’t hear anything since submitting it.  I just wish I knew when the winner was going to be announced.  If it comes down to a vote or something I’ll run a huge social media campaign and plaster the interwebz with “Don’t be a butt, vote for Putt.”  (My slogan in case i ever decide to run for president)