Much like anything else in life not all caches are equal.  Some involve long hikes or even swimming and diving.  While others require nothing more than locating the correct lamp post in the Walmart parking lot.  Today I did one of the cruelest caches I’ve ever done.

I set out today to keep my daily streak alive.  (29 days and counting! – yes I’m nerd)  During the week I’ve been taking care of some of the easy ones, but on the weekends I’ve been trying to challenge myself a bit more and it has been very worth it.  From learning some local history, to finding some creative outside the box hides like the short and sweet Brew Master Series, I’ve had a couple very fun weekends.  Today I took off to a nearby park that had about 7 caches I had yet to grab.  After a few quick traditional grabs I came across what appeared to a daunting cache.  (I won’t give the name of it in case some how someone finds this little corner of the interwebz looking for a hint)

A few minutes of circling prompted the park rangers to come out and start making fun of me.  Apparently they were VERY well aware of this devious hide as they routinely make poke fun at visitors wandering.  I know this because of previous logs mention it, and because they had fun telling me about other peoples quests in the pasts.  In between their laughs they were at least kind enough to offer subtle nudges in the right direction.  Within a few minutes I finally managed to have the container in my hand.

That was the easy part.

For the next 20-30 minutes I fiddled with the homemade container trying to open it up.  I pretty much knew what I had to do, but doing it was another story.  (Isn’t it always)  Twisting, pulling, shaking, and maybe even a little blowing at one point.  Dont ask.  Finally though, as if the whole thing operated on a timer that would only allow a person to be frustrated for so long, a tiny key fell out of the hole and I just about jumped up in the air.  Thankfully this all happened just as the Park Ranger came back and saw my success.  (See lady, I’m not a total loser!)  I unlocked the bottom half, took out the log, and read some of the previous entries.  The great part of this was sharing in other peoples frustration.  It was good to know I wasn’t the only one.

With the log signed, returned, locked, and key tucked back away, I replaced the cache container and thankfully could cross this cache off my list.

This kind of creativity make me realize how un-handy, un-creative, and almost boring my brain is.  Sad to think that in this hobby, and within this group of people, I’m the boring brained one.

Below are pictures of the creativity that went into this cache.

Where's the cache

Fake bottom


How the hell do I open this?

Seriously? Any help would be appreciated

I did it!! Time for me to do a little dance

All that work for this. So worth it