Certain jobs are romanticized by some, but dreaded by others.  Which is part of the reason we all work in different fields and have different positions.  We fill in where we feel comfortable, where we can contribute the most.  Those contributions can be to the greater good of society, or as simple as supporting ourselves and families lifestyle.  Sometimes we hold these positions for years simply because we settle into a routine and can’t seem to break out of it for any number of reasons.  Lately, I have been feeling that I’m in a routine that I wouldn’t mind changing a little.

I have to start by saying I love my job.  I enjoy what I do, where I work, and who I work for.  I truly do.  I work with great people in a fun, relaxed environment.  My job challenges me to think critically and affords me the opportunity to learn something new nearly everyday.  I love that challenge and don’t think I’d be happy without that.  I enjoy being a nerd where I’m constantly working with, and reading about technology.


There are times when the other side of my brain needs stimulation.  Something on the “artsy” side.  Maybe it is better said as “I dream about a job that I view as less concrete.”  Part of it may be looking for freedom from the captivity of a 6 foot by 4 foot cubicle.  An opportunity to do something new on a semi-regular basis.  (If you do something new regularly, does that make it routine?)  Sure, there are many routes to the end product I create.  But the end result is always the same overall.  Get data, store data, manipulate data, report on data.  That’s how my 10 year career can be summed up in quite possibly, the most derogatory, depressing, and simplistic terms.  I do like it though.

The type of jobs I fantasize about are probably ones that many people dream about, or wouldn’t mind having.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be a travel writer.  Writing a monthly article for a magazine like Cycle World, or Motorcycle Cruiser would be ideal.  Traveling around to find the best back roads and scenery.  Searching for interesting people in small towns.  Always on the lookout for the best or most unique diners or hidden away sites.  Why can’t I host a show like diners and dives? Minus the whole having a “face for radio”‘ thing.

Outside of the lust for travel that I seem to write about over and over, I also find myself drawn to certain shows that focus around trading up to make money.  Shows like Pawn Stars, Auction Kings, American Pickers, and my newest find Storage Wars all make me think I could go to a flea market, or garage sale, buy a cheap obscure item hoping to turn around and sell it for a small profit. Who hasn’t dreamed about coming across that one item for 5 dollars that has a copy of the Declaration of Independence on the back of it?

I view both these sets of jobs as having tangible goals that can be achieved in countless ways.  There is no one exact product they have to put out or release.  Maybe a writer would have to write on specific topic, and of course the “junker” would need to turn a profit, but the end product would be something unique each time.  More importantly, the path to that end product would involve some risk, adventure, and a sense of not knowing what comes next.

I need to figure out how to incorporate some of these attributes into my current position, or even maybe supplement my life with something on the side to add that sense of adventure.

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