It’s not often I go off on a public rant but I guess things have been building up on this one only to boil over this morning.  What is comes down to is that your never please everyone so don’t even try.

Earlier today Jon Wilson (Wilson) from Fox News Rising here in Charlotte posted a clip of his “snOMG” meter.  Which is nothing more than a fun little tool for measuring the snow.  Well it turns out he has apparently taken some heat in the form of emails, and possibly phone calls to the station where he works calling him blasphemous.  There are just so many things that make this ridiculous to me.

In this day and age where most everyone gets numerous channels you can always change the channel if you don’t like something.  There are other places for you to catch your morning news.  I’m sure that this is not the stance the station or management would take as they are all understandably all about rating and viewers.

Secondly, are you serious people?  This is all you have to worry about in a day?  I’m glad that your life is so easy and mundane that this is the biggest drama you have and you have the time to complain about it.  (The same could be said for me writing this.  The irony is not lost on me)

Finally, on a much deeper note, many biblical blogs don’t consider this type of thing breaking the commandment that tells us not to use the Lord’s name in vain.  (Seriously, google it)  Many places make a comparison between “God Damn it” and “God Bless you.”  Which I never thought of.  Both are really nothing more than asking/commanding God to do something on your behalf.  So if you see the phrase “God damn it” as using His name in vain, why isn’t “God Bless you?”  I never thought about that before, but I certainly will have that in the back of my head for some time to come.

(Get ready for a generalized, sweeping, unfair stereotype paragraph)

I think/believe/feel that folks that complain about this stuff have a biblical knowledge about as deep as my knowledge in molecular biology.  They don’t think, rationalize, or try to put things into perspectives for themselves.  They wouldn’t dream of researching to find other opinions that may challenge their thinking and lead to much broader understanding.  I’m not trying to claim to be a biblical scholar by any stretch of the imagination.  I wouldn’t want to be one even.  But understanding the full “who, what, why, where, when, how” of something is important to me.  I like to at least get a few of these things answered before I become a good little sheep and follow along.

I don’t have a problem with people who do believe that the words and phrases listed above are blasphemous.  I respect them and their beliefs. Truthfully I’m on the fence about it myself.  If I know your preference I will try my best not to offend you.  I promise you that.  But if you overhear me talking to another person don’t chastise me for saying something you don’t like.  If you have an opportunity to walk away from something that offends you please take it and move on.

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