For the past month or so I’ve been writing about trying to be named the Charlotte Checkers fan of the year.  After seeing my name in lights the other night I got excited but couldn’t help but wonder what the next step was. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long to find out a little bit more.

Earlier this week I got some information on the next phase in this journey that will end with a “Puttzy” jersey hung in Time Warner Cable Arena. Patrick Stack, the Checkers Director of Corporate partnerships, sent an email to the 16 finalists congratulating us and providing us with the next phase in the process.  While it was good to get some contact, the email only left more questions unanswered.

Here’s the letter:

Fan of the Year Candidates –

On behalf of the Checkers organization, we would like to thank you for taking the time to complete your ‘Fan of the Year’ submissions and wish you congratulations on becoming 1 of 16 candidates for this terrific award.

We have learned about your passion for the sport of hockey and the Checkers but now it is time to see how willing you are to share that passion!

First thing is first, we would like to host you at a Fan of the Year “Welcome Reception” on February 6.  This will be an opportunity for you all to learn more about the specifics of the program, the tasks you will be assigned and our overall expectations for each and every one of you.

The “Welcome Reception” will take place prior to the February 6 game at 1:30pm in a TBD location of the arena.  Please report to the Season Ticket Holder entrance at 1:20pm and we will escort you to the appropriate location.  If you cannot attend the meeting, contact me directly and I can fill you in what you missed.

Food and beverage will be provided.

Please contact me, not your Account Representative, with questions related to the Fan of the Year program.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the Checkers and GOOD LUCK!


Where do I even start with my comments and questions.  First of all Superbowl Sunday?  You want us to meet up on Super Bowl friggin Sunday?  Thankfully we’re meeting well before the supposed kickoff time.  So I’m not freaking out too much.  I’ll still get to watch the Steelers beat the Packers.

I can’t help but wonder what they man by learning about the “specifics of the program, the tasks you will be assigned and our overall expectations for each and every one of you.” Do I have to dress up and make a fool of myself?  Help advertise the Checkers and get people to come to games?  Beat up Zach Fitzgerald? Something involving the Checkmates.  Oh please let it involves the Checkmates.  It doesn’t really matter what it takes.  I’ve come this far.  I’ve got to win now.

All I can hope is that the “challenge” is something up my alley.  Like finding a tupperware container in the middle of the woods.  Or wearing an empty “party ball” on my head.  Or how about finding a motorcycle shop in the middle of nowhere that has the correct tire and the ability to replace one in a short amount of time.  Any of those things I’m golden.