The concentration game is a classic game that I remember playing as a kid.  It has many varieties, and numerous implementations online, but that didn’t stop me from making my own.  Mostly because I wanted something that these didn’t offer.  I wanted a way that once you “won” the game a message would pop up displaying a custom message.  In this case that custom message would be the final coordinates to a geocache.

The basic premise of the game is that there are a set of items laid out in front of the player.  In most cases this will be a set of cards laid face down.  A player will select any two cards, flip them over and try to find a match.  If no match is made it is the other players turn.  Pretty simple…right?

Well my take on the classic game is pretty much the exact same thing, with a Puttzy like twist.  When you select two cards that don’t match the two cards will swap places.  This, along with the “background” of the cards changing colors, makes it a little trickier to remember exactly what is where.  It’s not impossible given the 180 second time limit but it is a good challenge.

What do you think of my take on the classic “concentration” game?

To Do

As with any project I do there is a list of to do’s that may or may not get done.  Here is my wish list of things I’d like to do to this puzzle.

  1. Add ability for a user to upload images to create and share their own puzzle
  2. Add ability for user to set custom “you win” message to encourage sharing and using the puzzle beyond my one use cache
  3. Better images
  4. Prettier page
  5. What else is missing?
  • #1 written by Rick
    about 12 years ago

    To make it more shareable (#2), make sure the user can select their own time limit or no time limit. Also the ability to toggle on/off the Puttzy-twist. Which I like by the way, it’s evil genius.

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