The Charlotte Checkers are having a contest to name fan of the year. The prizes are awesome and I would love to win. All I have to do is write an essay of 200 words or less answering the question: “If you were talking to someone that had never been to a Checkers game before, what would you tell them to get them to join you?” Not so hard at face value. The problem is I have so many different ways to go about this. Do I take a marketing approach or try to be clever and write out my answer in the form of a script? Maybe I try to get artsy or perhaps I just talk about why the Checkers are the best team in town. Over the next couple posts I will be exploring a few of these different ideas that are rolling around in my head and taking any advice people want to give. Hopefully one of these stands out and gives me the win.

This is my final attempt. I’ve used some of the feedback I got and tried to bring back attempt number two which was the most comfortable.   It doesn’t include everything I can think of.  because 200 words really isn’t enough to highlight everything from the family aspects, to “bang for your buck”, to being the best sports team in Charlotte.  This one entry hits what I consider the highest points in the best format.

Why go to a Checkers game? Are you serious? Don’t you read my blog on, or follow my twitter, or even keep up with me on facebook? What kind of friend are you?

Tickets less than $15. Eyeball races. A fluffy white bear wearing shorts! And Wilson!!

Still not convinced?

What if you could win a prize pack, ride on the zamboni, or experience a “manly makeover?” What if you had a chance to win at least $50 in the “chuck-a-puck”? Would you go then? And if you keep your eye on twitter while there, you’ll learn about promotions and contests to win things like free koozies or seats between the benches!

I dare you to find a place that offers bottomless popcorn for less than $7. You won’t find that at a Bobcats or Panthers game.

You’ll get to see one of the best teams in the AHL, currently sitting in second place in their division, with over twice as many wins as losses. Something else you won’t find at any of the other local professional teams.

Okay. I have one last point to convince you. It only takes one word. Checkmates. Man o’ man….Checkmates.

So. You in?

So that’s it.  The final one of these you’ll ever have to read from me.  Now just go to twitter and tell @CheckersHockey to pick @puttzy.

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