The Charlotte Checkers are having a contest to name fan of the year. The prizes are awesome and I would love to win. All I have to do is write an essay of 200 words or less answering the question: “If you were talking to someone that had never been to a Checkers game before, what would you tell them to get them to join you?” Not so hard at face value. The problem is I have so many different ways to go about this. Do I take a marketing approach or try to be clever and write out my answer in the form of a script? Maybe I try to get artsy or perhaps I just talk about why the Checkers are the best team in town. Over the next couple posts I will be exploring a few of these different ideas that are rolling around in my head and taking any advice people want to give. Hopefully one of these stands out and gives me the win.

This was actually one of the very first one I wrote, but I never posted it for obvious reasons.  Well for not so obvious reason, actually reason I’m not sure of, I will post it now.  It sucks.

I saw the craziest thing last night.

An oversized polar bear was running wild in a crowd of 6000 people in uptown. People were screaming their heads off, banging cowbells and yelling “woooo”’ at the top of their lungs. I’m guessing these are ways to keep a crazy polar bear calm while it’s away from its arctic home.

I saw complete strangers, feeling the strength in numbers, group together join around the big nosed animal to get their pictures taken or to poke fun at it. The entire time it was all being shown live on a huge TV for everyone else to see.

What has happened to our society!?!

I’d swear that some people cheered FOR the bear, while others would just laugh at those confronted by the fuzzy beast. I’m not sure what to make of humanity any more.

I know this all sound very unbelievable but if you come with me to the next Checkers game I’d be willing to bet it all happens again.

See.  I warned ya.  It’s pretty crappy.  Oh well, it was something to keep the creative juices flowing.  Even if those juices are kind of nasty flavored.

The next one I post will be the final one I submit.  It will take elements of all of the other ones I like.  Or just the best parts of the best ones if nothing else.  Tomorrow is the deadline.  Wish me luck.